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CASA STUDIO DI FERNANDO MELANI, Corso Gramsci 159: house museum of the famous artist, full of works and memories with the artist’s library and the photographic archive of his works.

DOCUMENTATION CENTER OF GIOVANNI MICHELUCCI, C / o Palazzo del Comune (Piazza del Duomo): Documentation center of the work of Giovanni Michelucci.

MARINO MARINI DOCUMENTATION CENTER, Corso Silvano Fedi 72 (Palazzo del Tau): Museum dedicated to the famous contemporary artist, you will find sculptures, drawings, etchings, lithographs, a children’s workshop and a nice coffee shop.

FERRIERA SABATINI, Pracchia (PT): Interesting mountain museum dedicated to iron working.

GHIACCIAIA DELLA MADONNA, Le Piastre (PT): An ancient place of ice production, this icehouse in the woods tells of ancient stories, of when the refrigerator did not exist and the ice came down from the mountain to allow the preservation of food. Equipped route, possible guided tours.

CIVIC MUSEUMS, C / o Palazzo del Comune (Piazza del Duomo): Works from the 13th and 20th centuries.

CIVIC MUSEUM, Piazza Pelagio (Pescia): Works above all from the churches of the area and private collections.

ROSPIGLIOSI CLEMENTE MUSEUM, Via Ripa del Sale 3: Rich art collection belonging to the Rospigliosi family with paintings, furniture and precious objects especially from the 17th century.

MUSEUMS OF SURGICAL IRONS, C / o Ospedale del Ceppo (Piazza Giovanni XXIII): Collection of irons and surgical instruments. The anatomy room is interesting. The medical-surgical school is famous in ancient times.

MUSEUM OF THE ACADEMY OF ART, Montecatini Terme: Modern and contemporary art linked to the territory and its guests.

MUSEUM OF PEOPLE OF ALPS, Rivoreta (Cutigliano): Interesting ethnological museum of objects linked to mountain activities.

MUSEUM OF THE PARISH CHURCH OF SAN PIETRO APOSTOLO, Via Prataccio 7 (Montecatini Terme): Small museum adjacent to the Church of San Pietro Apostolo in which precious vestments and sacred furnishings are collected.

MUSEUM OF THE PIEVE OF BUGGIANO, Buggiano: Collection of valuable sacred objects.

MUSEUM OF SACRED ART AND POPULAR RELIGIOUSNESS, P.zza della Chiesa (Popiglio): Evocative museum in the mountain village of Piteglio which gathers sacred and folk art works.

MUSEUM OF SAN ZENO, Piazza del Duomo (Palazzo dei Vescovi): The museum contains beautiful furnishings, works of goldsmithing and sculptures.

FERRUCCIANO MUSEUM, Gavignana (San Marcello Pistoiese): Prints, albums with expressions of many Italian patriots who came here on pilgrimage during the Risorgimento.

NEW DIOCESAN MUSEUM, Via Ripa del Sale 3 (PT): The Museum houses interesting objects and sacred furnishings.