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The History


Once upon a time…
It begins with a foundation stone, probably placed at the end of 1600 when, the construction technique of “spurs” was used to put up buildings. These spurs are visible from the outside when you walk alongside the wall of the hotel, before arriving at the “Shell Terrace”, a panoramic terrace from which you can see the whole town of Pistoia and its dome.
Unfortunately, the dates are not certain because of the loss of the documentation during the time; the documents left have been stored at the Historical Archives of the Episcopal Curia of Prato.
We assume that the building was developed gradually to the extent that it was used at the time.

The Franciscan monks inhabited the monastery until 1970. The only period in which the Order had to abandon its sacred place was during World War II when the German army had taken possession of it, taking advantage of the high strategic position, thereby controlling the entire surrounding area. In those days the trees were lower allowing a better view than that of today.
Some decorative elements of the monastery have been covered up; for example remains of frescoes which re-emerge today from under layers of plaster, are found in the ancient refectory. In the corridors that lead to this ancient place, you will see the images with vaulted ceilings, basic furnishings and cellars.
In 1972 the whole property was transferred from the Curia to the Petrini Family who, having decided to use it as a B&B began major work on renovating the building internally and externally.

Later it became a 3 star hotel and finally in 2003, after another major renovation, it became a 4 star hotel. It was managed for more than 40 years by Italo Petrini and his family. The renovated building had its greatest award in the 1990s when it became the first reference point and meeting place for Pistoia’s community.